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            WordPress Hosting Guide

            "Technology is best when
            it brings people together."

            - Matt Mullenweg,
            Founder of WordPress

            So you're thinking about building
            a website. Our WordPress Hosting guide can help.

            If not building one, then at least
            improving upon the one you already
            have. Either way, the good news is
            that your biggest problem won't
            be a matter of if you can get online
            (these days, anyone can!).
            No, your biggest stumbling
            block will be a matter of how. Learning WordPress is not as complicated as you may think. All you need is to follow our video tutorials and our step-by-step instructions to create a fully functioning and well-designed website.

            Where do you begin?
            Which hosting plan do you select?
            Will you have support along the way?
            Luckily, much of the world
            has already asked these questions
            and figured out the best solution
            for you, and we can prove it
            with one statistic:

            - 27% of the world's
            are powered
            by WordPress. -

            You've found the right WordPress handbook and guide to
            learning all about WordPress:
            what it is, how it works,
            why it's great, terms you
            should know, and loads more.
            WordPress has revolutionized
            what it means to "easily get
            online", and you're about to learn
            how to take the reins for yourself.

            What is WordPress?

            Simply put, WordPress is the world's
            most popular platform for building
            a website.

            Why? It's easy to get started,
            simple to use, and unbelievably
            flexible. From stunning portfolios
            to online stores to
            simple WordPress blogs,
            everyone can build the site of their
            dreams (whatever it may be) and
            with hardly any help along the way.
            But we'll get more into all that in a
            moment with our WordPress guide.

            Why Use WordPress?

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            Beautiful Themes

            Choosing a theme for your new
            website can be the most exciting
            part of the building process.
            Looking for a design that's
            simplistically modern? Check.
            More colors and images? Check.
            With thousands of free and
            to choose from,
            you can be certain there's
            a theme for that.

            Templates are easily modified too.
            Fonts, colors, headings, images, the
            content itself — all can be easily
            changed within the intuitive
            WordPress dashboard.
            For more specific needs, you can
            build custom themes too.
            From online stores to blooming
            blogs to stunning portfolios,
            it's easy to find the right style
            solution for your unique website.

            Functional Plugins

            On top of looking good, WordPress
            provides you with the ability to
            expand your site's overall
            functionality through plugins.

            For example, you may be looking to
            set up an online store for your
            business. Or you may need to
            capture someone's contact address
            via a form. A myriad of available
            plugins can help you add these (and
            many more) capabilities to your site.

            What can plugins do?

            • Check comments for spam
            • Improve your SEO
            • Display media such as
              slideshows, galleries, and sliders.
            Let the Numbers Speak
            for Themselves

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            vs. WordPress.com

            What's the difference?
            You're not alone if you've ever been
            confused about this one.
            So let's get straight to it:

            The biggest difference
            between WordPress.org
            and WordPress.com
            comes down to who
            is hosting your site.

            With WordPress.org, you host the
            site yourself — meaning you
            download the WordPress software
            and install it on your own web server,
            wherever that may be. With
            WordPress.com, the hosting is
            provided for you right
            on WordPress's own servers.

            There are more differences than
            simply who is hosting your site of
            course, so we broke them down
            for you in this quick guide:

            Learn WordPress

            WordPress Walkthrough Series

            Part 1: Welcome河南幸运彩一定牛 to our
            WordPress Tutorial Series

            This series of WordPress tutorials
            will walk you through everything you
            need to set up and operate an
            effective website. It's much easier
            and quicker than you anticipated,
            and it costs you next to nothing.

            20 Terms You Should Know

            Not everyone can be a web expert,
            but it helps to at least know the
            basics. Here's our list of the top 20
            web-related terms you are most
            likely to stumble upon
            as you enter the world of WordPress.


            A replica of your website that is
            either stored on your server or in
            another location. Creating frequent
            backups is always a good idea
            should your site ever become
            infected with malware.


            CMS stands for content
            management system, which is
            a fancy way of describing a
            software application or tool
            that one can use to design,
            manage, and publish a website
            without having to
            know how to code.


            CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets,
            is a style language that is used
            to write formatting instructions
            or rules that tell your browser
            how your content should
            look in terms of layout and style.

            Is WordPress
            right for me?

            WordPress for Bloggers

            Bring your blog to life with easy-to-manage dynamic content. Custom layouts, themes, plugins, and more can be easily added to provide the creative flexibility you need. Plus WordPress is SEO-friendly to ensure your blog is found by the right people.

            WordPress for Designers

            Go above and beyond your clients' expectations, no matter their request. WordPress provides unlimited templates, plugins, and other resources that allow you to hand over a beautifully designed yet easily managed website. Take advantage of the huge open source community to help tackle any roadblocks you encounter along the way.

            Ready to get started?

            Setting up a basic WordPress
            website is remarkably easy.
            In fact, most people can go from
            start to finish in about 30 minutes —
            without any advanced tech skills or
            special training.
            We'll walk you through it.

            WordPress FAQ

            With WordPress.org, you must host the site yourself — meaning you download the WordPress software and install it on a web server. When you use WordPress.com, however, the hosting is provided by WordPress.

            It's easy! Use this step-by-step guide to .

            One of the best ways to get more traffic is to focus on . SEO will help your site show up higher on Google's results page, meaning more potential customers will find your site when they type in related keywords. If you need help putting together an SEO strategy, give Bluehost a call at 855-637-7766.

            Short answer: yes! WordPress is an ideal solution for a wide range of sites. Whether you're looking to create a blog, build a site for your business, or start an online store, WordPress is the right tool for the job.

            Community-driven innovation. When you build your website with WordPress, you're leveraging the knowledge and experience of thousands of WordPress experts around the world. That makes WordPress secure, scalable, and responsive to your needs.

            And it's easy to get started! Since the user interface is simple, novices to can immediately build and manage a website. And if you're a pro, advanced features and increased flexibility can easily be unlocked by adding plugins.

            Coding isn't required. Thousands of premade themes make it easy for beginners to manage a successful website, blog, or estore without knowing a line of code. Users with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript will be able to build more customized sites with advanced functions.

            First you'll need to get space on a server to install WordPress. Hosting is available for WordPress.com users on WordPress's servers.

            If you're using WordPress.org, you can rent space on a server from a web hosting company like .